10 Comebacks To Put Narcissists People Back In Their Place

10 Comebacks To Put Narcissists People Back In Their Place


Narcissists are selfish, arrogant and self-absorbed individuals who constantly look for attention and admiration. By using their natural charm and physical beauty they manipulate others in order to fulfill their own, usually superficial needs.

They are aware of their own flaws but they don’t care whether you like them or not since they are self-sufficient and full of themselves.

We all know how hard it is to deal with such people. Sometimes they seem nice and charming and other times, they can be rude, egotistical and manipulative. If you often struggle with narcissists or if you feel that they are trying to manipulate you, use these simple phrases to shut them down:

1. Learn how to say ″no″

You should never be afraid to say no. If someone is treating you poorly, if you feel uncomfortable or whatever the circumstance may be, say no when you need to. You are in charge of your own life and your own happiness. Don’t let anyone – including a narcissist – take that away from you.

2. Use their name as often as possible

By addressing someone by their name you take the control of the situation. When you talk to a narcissist, use their name as often as you can in order to command their attention.

3. “I’ll believe it when I see it”

Narcissists have a habit of making promises they can’t keep. Try not to get your hopes up when dealing with a narcissist. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This phrase will undoubtedly throw them off their game.

4. Look them in their eyes

If the narcissist’s ego gets out of control, look them in their eyes and respond calmly. This will tell them that you know their intentions, as well as the insecurities they are struggling with.

5. “The world does not revolve around you”

Whether or not this phrase actually makes a difference to a narcissist, it’s something they often need to hear. Narcissists believe that their wants and needs are more important than anyone else’s. If you’re having a hard time dealing with a narcissist, let them know that they aren’t the only one who matters.

6. ″I am not afraid″

Narcissists often use fear as their manipulation tactic. They try to emotionally abuse you in order to make you feel helpless. Therefore, let them know that they can’t evoke fear in you, since you are not afraid.

7. “Slow down”

Narcissists are professional manipulators. They make decisions based on how a situation will benefit them. If you feel like you’re being rushed or pushed in a certain direction that you’re not comfortable with, stop them in their tracks by telling them to slow down.

8. ″I am not the one who is bad″

Narcissists can turn every situation in their favor in order to make themselves victims. Therefore, refuse to accept the blame they try to put on you.

9. “I am assertive and strong-willed”

One way a narcissist manipulates others is by telling them that they’re being overly emotional. Don’t let anyone else tell you that your feelings don’t matter. If a narcissist is telling you that you’re overreacting or being too emotional, respond by telling them that you are not overly emotional, you are assertive and strong-willed.

10. ″Don’t change the subject″

Narcissists will always try to make you feel guilty for every situation. They will do that by twisting your words and making you think that they haven’t done anything wrong and that all is your fault. Therefore, you shouldn’t let them stray from the topic.


There Are 4 Types Of Narcissists — Here’s How To Spot Each One.

The scary thing about narcissists is that the personalities they display can often be confused with genuine friends or meaningful flirts. But these characters are only interested in themselves and can hurt you if you’re not careful. Here are four types of narcissists and how to spot them.


1. The Seducer

This narcissist will shower you with compliments and kind gestures. But be wary–-they are only doing so to convince you to like them. Once they have your admiration, they will turn off their friendly aura. The Seducer solely wants to be admired.

How to spot them: Early in your friendship, The Seducer will insist on taking you out, paying for everything, giving you gifts and overly complimenting you. Once you start reciprocating, however, their kindness may end.

2. The Know-It-All

This narcissist has the distinct “holier than thou” attitude. They will act like (or genuinely believe) that they know everything, and that their opinions are ones to aspire to.

How to spot them: The person at parties who is talking everyone’s ear off because the only voice they like hearing best is their own.

3. The $.e.x.u.a.l Fiend

This promiscuous personality measures their worth based on how many s.e.x.u.a.l partners they can collect. This type of narcissist is the ultimate emotional con artist. Like The Seducer, they will make you feel special by way of preferential treatment, and then toss you to the wayside once they have conquered you. They have no interest in emotional intimacy and will feel no guilt in letting you go.

How to spot them: Watch out for people who flirt by way of grandiose claims about how special you are, and those who insist on how much they like you. Getting you into bed is a game for them, and they will play any hand to get you to say yes.

4. The Bully

The Bully is actually quite similar to The Seducer but expresses themselves in the opposite way. Instead of trying to get people to admire them, their goal is to get people to fear them.

How to spot them: This person will pick out any small aspect of your appearance or personality with the goal of making you feel insecure about it. The Bully feels most powerful when they can make others feel small.

Source: https://www.womenworking.com

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