If Your Forever Person Is Guilty Of Doing These 14 Things, They Are A Toxic Narcissist

1. They communicate to you ambiguously.

Narcissists as friends, lovers, and acquaintances tend to be underhanded whenever they’re in communication with their targets. They’re very skilled and calculating in terms of what they choose to say.

This includes what they choose to reveal about themselves to you and the types of remarks they make about your life, situation, artwork, job, or anything that you share with them.

For instance: The narcissists will tell you that they couldn’t stop staring at your picture the other day but they won’t necessarily confirm if it was because it was nice looking or not.

2. They are passive aggressive.

The narcissist is very calculating. It should come as no surprise that narcissists are very clever when it comes to manipulative communication.

These types of narcs are very passive aggressive in every way possible but mostly when it comes to ripping their targets apart.

They might make a nasty remark after every move you make but because they don’t say your name, they make it hard for you to say anything about it without looking paranoid.

This is very clever on the narc’s behalf because if you do end up confronting them about it, you will end up looking like the crazy one and that is exactly what most of them will accuse you of.

The other reason why narcs are passive aggressive is because they don’t like to face their bad deeds. Narcs like reading and hearing good things about themselves, so when it comes to a conflict they may have potentially started, they don’t want to deal with it.

It’s not that they don’t have the time for it, they don’t want to make the time for it because they have a really hard time dealing with deep-seated issues that have been bubbling in their subconscious for awhile.

3. They are hypocritically paranoid.

Narcs have fears of opening up to others in fear that others will try to use certain information against them. While this may be true in life for many individuals, the narc is truly seeing his or herself in others and does not want to run the risk of being beat at their own game.

If their target becomes just as passive aggressive as they are, the narcs will respond either ambiguously or directly. Narcs hate doses of their own medicine.

This is because the narc is secretly very sensitive and has an annoying sense of entitlement. Narcs believe they are being wronged because they see the portion of themselves they reject in their target.

4. They are opportunistic.

Everybody wants to be successful and plenty of people value high status but the narcissist takes this to another level.

They will make sure to reach out to anyone they deem worthy, due to their status, such as celebrities or someone who seems accomplished to them and they will brown nose until their noses turn black.

For example, if there is a celebrity the narc doesn’t particularly like, yet feels they can get in touch with to help their clout, they will pretend to like this celebrity in order to gain status and then exaggerate their relationship to that celebrity and seek bragging rights in order to validate to themselves and the world that they are on that same level.

What most would deem as small accomplishments, the narc brags as if it is a large, universal accomplishment. This isn’t just a normal braggart but the narc also uses bragging as a weapon because he or she thinks it will get to the target.

Again, the narc sees themselves in the target, so the target appears to be competitive. Other ways the narcissist seeks opportunities is by plotting against innocent acquaintances, friends, family, or lovers during the time the two are in communication in order to climb higher up the ladder.

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